AMPA Ecology are an independent consultancy of highly qualified ecologists with a wide range of expertise. 
We provide a range of services from preliminary assessment to specialised species surveys, designing mitigation and compensation measures all individually tailored to the needs of each project. 

Preliminary Ecological Assessments 

Traditionally known as an extended Phase 1 Habitat survey, as the name suggests gives an overall appraisal of the site, identify any potential ecological constraints and the need for further survey. 
Preliminary Ecological assessments include: 
A data search from the appropriate local sources to provide existing knowledge of the site and surrounding area. 
Maps and written assessments of the site identifying habitats present, evidence of or potential for use by protected species and the potential impact of the proposed works. 
Recommendations for actions as a result of these assessments will then be outlined, including Methods of Works and if required, further specialised survey. 

Specific Species Survey 

These surveys are a legal requirement if any species listed as Protected under European and British Law are known to be or considered to have potential to be present. 
AMPA Associates hold a variety of licences to work with and handle particular species. 
We currently hold licences for work with Bats, Barn Owl and Great Crested Newts. 
We also conduct surveys for Badgers, Breeding Birds, Otters, Reptiles, Water Voles and White Clawed Crayfish. 
Please note that these surveys often are restricted to certain intervals in the year, the earlier the need for these surveys is identified the better.  
Our Survey Calendar summarises this but please contact us to discuss your needs 
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